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about us

Solutions Plus is a creative brand building house based of Kolkata. India. Our objective is to boost the image that an individual or a corporate has. We, through our expertise, can help you understand your present brand value, try analyse your present brand status, as well give you solutions on how you can enhance your brand.

The brand building exercise will be in sync with the objective as defined by you. On basis of interactions, and understanding your requirement, we shall suggest you various tools for your promotion. We shall also help you evaluate the outcome that will occur on following our strategy.

Solutions Plus shall help you renew your brand and get you noticed.


Solution Plus shall help you renew your brand and get you noticed.


We help you build your image by using various advertising tools. Prior to that we find out your existing image and check on how it can be enhanced.

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After understanding your objective, we take help of different advertising mediums whether conventional or digital, to help achieve your objective.

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Solutions Plus has requisite expertise in terms of giving you a digital edge over others. In this digital era one cannot do without a digital space.

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We take orders of different events or any stage shows. Starting from seminars at some glossy board room to your favourite celebrity on the stage.

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